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When you straighten the spine of one suffering child, you brighten the world for an entire family. 


Age 14

Surgery in 2015

Progressive scoliosis kept Rajesh twisted in pain, with no hope of relief. Today he is able to stand straight and embrace all of the adventure the world holds for a young man. 

Hopelessness crept into Rajesh's life as progressive scoliosis made his young life harder every day. His Standing Straight surgery in 2015 corrected the curve in his spine that was preventing him from fully engaging in school, home and social life. Today Rajesh holds his head high, confident in his repaired posture. 



Children Standing Straight After Surgery


Age 4

Surgery in 2015


After two unsuccessful surgeries, 4-year-old Ravneet's family was losing hope. Today she is able to stand straight for the first time in her young life.  


Age 12

Surgery in 2015


Poor Happy's young life was marred by spinal deformity caused by tuberculosis when he was a small child. Today he is restored to his "happy" self, resuming the life he was meant to lead.


Age 13

Treated 2015


With a 55-degree curve in her spine, Tanya spent her life in pain, unable to enjoy life, education or family like her peers. Today her spine is strong and her spirit restored. 


Age 20

Surgery in 2015


After years of suffering through spinal deformity and failed surgeries, Jaspreet now lives the carefree, painless life of a normal young woman.

There are many more children in need of life-changing spinal surgery. Won't you join the Standing Straight mission? 

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