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"Straighten the spine of one suffering child, and you brighten the world for an entire family."

Our Mission

Free Surgical Intervention

Providing free life-saving spinal deformity surgeries for the neediest children.


Sharing Medical Expertise

Educating local medical staff to raise the level of orthopedic care in impoverished communities across the globe.

While many nonprofits provide orthopedic care, few perform complex spinal surgeries because of the risk, cost and expertise required.


“In developing countries like India, there is a great need for spinal care, especially for children,” says Dr. Bains, MD, Standing Straight's chairman and CEO.


“But many nonprofits are unable to take on this heavy risk.”


Dr. Bains founded Standing Straight to provide these life-saving spinal surgeries to impoverished children in the developing world. He assembled a world-class team made up of surgeons, a neurophysiologist, a pediatric anesthesiologist, an implant specialist, experienced OR nurses, technicians and support staff to execute Standing Straight’s international surgical missions.


Together, this comprehensive team mitigates the risks associated with spinal surgeries. Standing Straight transports the most advanced tools and technologies to the international hospitals which host the operations. While in-country, Dr. Bains and his colleagues provide ongoing training to local medical staff. This enables them to provide the highest quality pre- and post-operative care to patients.

Mission by mission, Standing Straight greatly improves the level of care available to the neediest pediatric spinal patients.
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