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Within a single week, we change lives forever.

Most of us take standing straight for granted. But for millions of people in the developing world suffering from spinal deformity—many of them children and young adults living in poverty without access to advanced medical care—standing straight is a distant dream.


Standing Straight’s free spinal surgeries change these children’s lives.


Our complex orthopedic surgeries extend the life expectancies of young patients. When we correct severe spinal deformities, we give these young adults a pathway out of poverty and alleviate the stigma that often accompanies disability in the developing world.


"Straighten the spine of one suffering child, and you brighten the world for an entire family."


Standing Straight surgeries allow these children to hold their heads high for the first time in their young lives. Listen to their stories. Learn more about this critical need. Join Standing Straight in our mission.

Together we can help children around the world Stand Straight, feel proud, and grow to their full potential. 

Our Mission begins with your support.

Our partners

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